Another Juror Who Can’t Resist Facebook’s Siren Song

This is a labor and employment law blog. From time-to-time — ok, a LOT — I’ll post about social media policies and employee use of social media. A juror making a Facebook post during a trial has nothing to do with labor and employment law. However, I’m a sucker for these stories. So you’ll just have to suffer through it.


This one involves an affectionate, proud, juror sitting for a criminal trial, who just couldn’t contain herself. So, she posted about her passion for the justice system on her public Facebook Wall.

By now, a juror using Facebook to comment on a trial is old hat. Check out rules about jury duty and social networking. Why? So that litigants may receive justice from a fair and impartial jury. If you get onto a jury, put the Facebook away for a few days, and read these links instead:

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”
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