SHRM Study shows that we are inching towards a better work-life balance.

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So, I’m diligently preparing and honing my delivery ***fart*** for my FMLA/ADA presentation this Tuesday at SHRM’s 2017 Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, when, what do I see? It’s a new SHRM study on “employer practices, policies, programs and benefits that address personal and family needs of employees.”

Well, SHRM, tell the employees what they’ve won.

  • If you work for a smaller company, you’re more likely to be eligible for flex time and breaks. Small employers (50-99 employees) were more likely than large employers (1,000 or more employees) to offer all or most employees 1) traditional flextime, the ability to periodically change start and stop times (36% vs. 17%), 2) control over when to take breaks (63% vs. 47%) and time off during the work day to attend to important family or personal needs without loss of pay (51% vs. 33%).
  • Working from home (or, in my case, the Starbucks around the corner from me, which I refer to as our “Cherry Hill East” office) is becoming more common. An increase in employers that offer telework, allowing employees to work at least some of their paid hours at home on a regular basis (40% in 2016 vs. 33% in 2012).
  • An easier transition back to work after adding to your brood. An increase in employers that allow employees to return to work gradually after childbirth or adoption (81% in 2016 vs. 73% in 2012).
  • Better work-life balance — but there’s still a ways to go. An increase in organizations that allow employees to receive special consideration after a career break for personal/family responsibilities (28% in 2016 vs. 21% in 2012).
  • Time is money. A decrease in organizations that allow employees to take time off during the workday to attend to important family or personal needs without loss of pay (81% in 2016 vs. 87% in 2012).

You can download a copy of the full survey here, and a survey summary here.

For those of you coming to DC next week for the SHRM conference, make sure to stop by on Tuesday for my gig. And email me if you want to meet up.

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