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Hey out-of-state lawyer!

I’m curious. What do you do when your client faces civil litigation in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Do you use some local counsel whose blog isn’t in the ABA Journal’s Blawg100 Hall of Fame?


Now, I know what you’re thinking. Meyer’s probably as goofy in court as he is on this blog. Heck, he probably embeds silly animated .gifs and over-the-top WWE wrestling clips into summary judgment motions. Come on, now! (Well, not unless you want pay me to).

But seriously, I’m a partner at one of the fastest-growing national full-service law firms in the country, who not only practices employment law but writes about it every weekday. I’m also an employment law mediator who volunteers with the EEOC. Plus, I co-chair the local federal court’s volunteer employment panel, which means that judges actually know my name. And, I’m next in line to serve as President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section.

“Hmmm, all of a sudden, that Meyer might be a pretty darn good local counsel choice,” said everyone.

Come play in my sandbox.


P.S – Unlike other folks, my suits and shirts are custom made. So, at least I’ll look the part.

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