Juror + defendant + Facebook = 8 months in prison

In the workplace, messing around on Facebook may earn an employee a pink slip. In the political arena, Facebook faux pas can cost a Congressman his seat in Congress — although it could result in a job with Hustler. [SFW].

But, in the courtroom, Facebook shenanigans may lead to hard time in the clink. This is especially true in the UK, where the BBC reports that a juror who contacted a defendant via Facebook, causing a £6m drug mistrial, has been jailed for eight months for contempt of court.


The juror allegedly wrote to the defendant, “cant get anywaone to go either no one budging pleeeeeese dont say anyhting cause jamie they could call mmiss trial and i will get 4cked to0”.

Maybe, she can use her time away to work on her spelling and grammar for reflection.


h/t Adam Michaelson (good luck on the bar exam)

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