Join me for a new limited-run podcast called “Working Class”


From the creator of the blog that brought you, Did I ever tell you about the employee that called the owner a “f***ing crook”? and Dammit! They’re practically twisting my arm to blog about union-related stuff comes something new and exciting!

I’m part of a new podcast called Working Class. Working Class is a weekly hour-long podcast produced in collaboration with Vet Candy Media that my friend Omar A. Lopez and I will host each week about legal issues ripped from today’s headlines. All the links to listen and subscribe are here. The first episode is about non-compete agreements and how to (in)validate them.

Will podcasting mean less blogging? God, I hope so. That was a vital element of the negotiations during which I passed on remuneration in favor of having one less weekday each week in which I must write nerd words.

But here I am explaining all of this to you. So obviously my approach backfired, and I negotiate about as shrewdly as the New Orleans Saints trading with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast. Take it for what it’s worth (i.e., the most incredible lawyer sounds to ever touch your eardrums without offering legal advice or creating an attorney-client privilege). And let us know if you have any subjects you’d like us to cover in a future episode.

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”
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