Caught on tape! EEOC nails a whiskey bar for pregnancy discrimination.

Pregnant Woman

How did one employer not only violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, but also get called out by a federal judge for its “deplorable” conduct?

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Okay, back to the EEOC which, last week, announced (here) that it had obtained a $66,000 judgment against an Arizona whiskey bar. The EEOC alleged that the company terminated an employee because she was pregnant. At a court hearing, the EEOC provided an audiotape recording in which one of the company owners said, “There’s going to be a whole number of people that I would be offending by allowing a pregnant person to be behind the bar. They might look at it as the owner’s a f—ing idiot they’re letting a girl that’s pregnant that could get injured behind the bar bartending right now. How irresponsible are those guys?

The Judge concluded that the employer’s “deplorable” conduct violated federal law by removing an employee from her duties because she was pregnant.

Folks, if you have a pregnant employee, don’t remove her from her job — even if you think it’s best for her or the unborn child. If the employee asks for an accommodation, then engage her in good faith to discuss some options. Otherwise, resist the urge to play doctor.

That’s pregnancy discrimination.

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