Gender Pay Gap Meets Grand Theft Auto


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Hey, I can’t make this stuff up.

Claire Warner at reports here that game designer Jane Friedhoff released a video game last week that, well,  here’s the description from the game designer:

Two mall shop-girls find out they’ve been stiffed wages that the men in their department haven’t. Can you help them make up the difference?

Lost Wage Rampage is a fast-paced riot grrrl driving game: Grand Theft Auto crossed with Thelma & Louise. The goal is to steal as many valuable objects from the mall as possible, in order to get the money that should have been the girls’ in the first place. Drift, skid, and rocket your car through the mall, crashing into and collecting valuable loot to add to their payback. Get your score as close as you can to the money they should have made while navigating infinite and constantly changing mall layouts. And look out: an ever-growing presence of mall cops is intent on stopping your heist.

If you want to play, here’s the link.

I don’t condone anyone acting out this revenge fantasy at work, a shopping, or anywhere else.

Except maybe in the video game. And, even then, only on a break and preferably not on an employer’s computer network.

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