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I am a partner in Dilworth Paxson LLP’s Labor & Employment Department, where focus my practice on employment discrimination and retaliation; workplace harassment; employee pay practices; leaves of absence, disabilities and reasonable accommodations; non-competition and trade secret disputes; employment contracts, reductions in force, severance arrangements and other contractual matters; and union-management relations and collective bargaining.

Got all that?

Put it this way. You name it; I probably do it. My law firm biography has all the particulars. Indeed, like Ron Burgundy, I’m kind’ve a big deal.

  • People know me. Outside of the office, I frequently train both management and their employees on workplace harassment issues. The First Judicial District of Pennsylvania is one of the many I train. From time-to-time, I also investigate internal employee claims of discrimination and sexual harassment for business clients. Additionally, I serve as both a volunteer mediator for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and an arbitrator in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.
  • ringAlthough I don’t have many leather-bound books, I did co-author “Think Before You Click: Strategies for Managing Social Media in the Workplace“, a book which walks HR professionals through everything they need to know about social media in the workplace. {Yeah, it’s a paperback, but still…} I make up for that with the 14-carat-gold ring I won in the 610 WIP SportsRadio Midday Show Suicide Pool Championship. I competed against 19,890 other people and crushed them all.
  • And my apartment smells of rich mahogany. Actually, I own a home, and it smells like a combination of dog and baby. At home, and on the road, I tweet on Twitter – I have over 4,600 followers – where I’m mostly spitting out knowledge on labor and employment law. I’m also looking for new connections on LinkedIn. And check out this Facebook fan page. It’s fantastic!

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