The Employment Law Blog Carnival: Halloween Edition #ELBC

Three nights ago…

Eric: How many bags of Halloween candy do you think we need this year?

Wife: Our neighbors said last year they had ten.

Eric: Ten?!? *** rubs belly of golden goose ***

Wife: Yes, and the kids have your costume all picked out. It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Eric: What’s that now?

(Wife leaves room and returns with costume and four different-colored headbands)

Wife: You get to pick which Turtle you want to be?

(Eric squints, rubs temples raw, remembers last year’s costume)

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Can you believe that I practice law…and get paid for it? 

Anyway, here’s the The Employment Law Blog Carnival: Halloween Edition, with a collection of the best recent employment law blog posts. Special thank you to Mark Toth, Chief Legal Officer at ManpowerGroup, NA, for hosting this month at The Employment Law Blawg.

No, you can’t have my costume.


2 responses to “The Employment Law Blog Carnival: Halloween Edition #ELBC”

  1. Harold Goldner says:

    Mark’s stuff is great, but not as good as your costumes. And we inevitably have TOO MANY bags. I’m not allowed to buy any candy until just before…..

    • Thanks, Harold.

      I’ll give major bonus points to anyone who can properly identify (as opposed to improperly identify — how’s that for legalese) my Halloween ’13 costume.

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