About last night…

team.jpgSorry, gang. Last night was my fantasy baseball auction. And I got home hella-late. So, no post today.

Ahhhhhh, I can’t totally leave you hangin’. So, you can read about how the University of Northwestern football team can now organize and form a union (here), or you can grade my fantasy baseball team (right) in the comments below.

Oh, no. Meyer’s slacking. Let the unsubscribes begin!

(Well, maybe, I can salvage this with some Adele Dazeem).

Have a nice weekend.

  • leah

    I hate to break it to you if you didn’t already know, but Derek Holland is out until mid season after tripping over his dog and falling down the stairs, injuring his knee. And Yu Darvish is missing his scheduled start on Opening Day due to neck stiffness. It’s gonna be a long season.
    Play Ball!

  • Anthony Bowser

    Tough to grade other people’s auctions because you don’t know how things played out or the league setup, but here goes: Seems like a bit of an overspend on Cuddyer (he was way lucky last year). Love Bogaerts. Pretty impressed that you got Yu for that cheap (maybe the injury scared people off, but I think it will be minor) – don’t know of too many teams out there w/ Kershaw and Yu. Porcello at $5 will look like a bargain at the end of the year. Panda’s ability to bounce back could make or break your power numbers.

    Good luck this year.

    • Usually I go in guns blazing on offense and cheap on pitching, figuring that it’s easier to plug those pitching holes with free agents as the year progresses. But the value on Kershaw on Darvish was too good to pass up. Agree on Porcello. I also snagged Doubront off the wire until Holland heals. I love cheap back-end starters on good teams.

      Offensively, I think Bonifacio could be a super sleeper if he gets some regular run. Lots of SBs there.

      • Anthony Bowser

        Also interested to see what happens with post-PED Braun. I think I downgraded him more than most, but if he comes back to close what he was before, you (and everyone else who is buying in) will look like a genius. This year more than most, it just seemed like there were so few “sure things”, which makes it even more fun.