Thank You.

In June 2008, I read a one-page article about Twitter in BusinessWeek or some other financial magazine and thought to myself, “This is stupid. Why would anyone want to send text messages to total strangers?”

So I signed up and created @emeyer88. And that was just the start.

My story and a lot of “thank you’s”, after the jump…

And for many months it was stupid. And, like many people, I forgot
about the account and never accessed it. Then, in November 2008, I
decided to give it another chance. A fresh start with a new account: @Eric_B_Meyer.
I realized that I could use Twitter to share links and information
about my practice and other stuff that others may find interesting. So I did that. And pretty soon, I had a following. 100 followers was a
momentous occasion. Then 200, 500, and pretty soon I had a 1000. Now I
have 3171 and counting. I’ve met some great people — in the virtual
world: Employment lawyers, HR professionals, politicians, celebrities.
Some of them I’ve even spoken to on the phone or in person. (Mostly the
lawyers and HR professionals, not so much the celebrities and

From Twitter, I expanded to Facebook and reconnected with many good friends with whom I had lost touch. LinkedIn was next. (Or maybe it preceded Facebook, I’ve lost track). I’m even on FourSquare too. I’m not sure the utility of Foursquare
but I can brag that I am the Mayor of Feder’s Fresh Grocery. And
somewhere along this timeline I started blogging about labor and
employment law issues for The Legal Intelligencer

I’ve taken the next step. I have my own labor and employment law blog: (or you can get there by accessing My hope is to make The Employer Handbook the one-stop-shop for Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware employers, HR folks, C-Suite executives,
decision-makers, or anyone else who needs to be up-to-speed on relevant labor and employment law matters. I’m committing to at least two posts
per week. And, with the help of my guest bloggers, we’ll be spitting out overwhelming amounts of information and great insight.

Having typed out my journey from Twitter to my own website, I realize there is no way I could have gotten here without the advice, inspiration, and
support of so many people. I’ve encountered such great people along the
way. So many “thank you’s” are in order and they follow below. If I
don’t list you, it’s because you didn’t do as much for me as the people I’ve listed there just isn’t enough room to express my gratitude to all.

So, without further ado, the reason for this post: the thank you’s.

Thank you to my law firm, Dilworth Paxson LLP, Since approaching my firm with the idea for The Employer Handbook, I’ve received nothing but encouragement and support.

Thank you to five very talented employment lawyers/bloggers who, when I was
batting this solo blogging idea around in my head, took the time to show me the ropes and encourage me to move forward:

Thank you to Kevin O’Keefe. He runs an incredible network for attorney bloggers called LexBlog.
When it comes to social media and attorney blogging, he gets it. If
you’re an attorney and you are thinking about starting your own blog,
check out LexBlog.

Thank you to Tim Stanley, Stacy Stern, Elizabeth Hoig, and the other wonderful people at Justia.
They set me up with this kick-ass blog. They too understand the
ins-and-outs of attorney blogging. I cannot recommend them enough.

Thank you to The Legal Intelligencer
for giving me my start at blogging and for promoting the heck out of my work. I truly appreciate it. (And don’t worry, I’ll continue to
contribute to TLI).

Thank you to two special HR professionals,
both of whom I met through Twitter, have awesome blogs and with whom I
have collaborated: Mike Vandervort and Sharlyn Lauby. Mike has his finger on the pulse of labor relations and his Human Race Horses is a must read. Sharlyn’s blog, HR Bartender Human Resources Blog,
is one of the first blogs I check out every morning. It’s a great spot
for workplace articles, business information, and manager tips.

Thank you to all of my great Twitter followers — except the spammers. (Aw
heck, the spammers inflate my follower stats, so they’re not that bad). I love the tweets, retweets, direct messages. I hope you’ll pop by to The Employer Handbook from time-to-time. Or save yourself a few clicks and just subscribe via RSS.

Thank you in advance to, what I hope will be, my many readers. Like something? Let me know. Don’t like the blog? Shove it! Let me know what I can do to make it better. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

and most importantly, thank you to my family. Thank you for putting up
with me as I got this blog up and running. Thank you for listening (or
pretending to listen) while I discussed the pros and cons of a
three-column blog versus and two-column blog. And whether would
be a better URL shortener than I promise not to sink too much
time into this blog. Just enough to make it a success.

Welcome to The Employer Handbook!

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”