Christmas presents under the tree (11483648553)

Or late Hanukkah presents. Or early Kwanzaa presents. Or timely Festivus presents. Or, you get the idea.

My first present is a re-gift. Over at Win-WinHR, Lorene F. Schaefer, Esq. hosts this month’s edition of the Employment Law Blog Carnival: A Festival of Lessons Edition. If you need to get caught up on all the latest HR-compliance news and view from top bloggers across the country, then, go no further.

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I train a heckuva lot of managers and HR professionals on leave issues relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Family and Medical Leave Act. (Yes, you can have a copy of my presentation, just email me).

One issue that often crops up in discussing the intersection of the two laws is whether job-related stress or anxiety is covered under the ADA, FMLA, or both.

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Facebook Password

It’s almost 2016.

By now, who among us: the lawyers, the HR professionals, the owners (Hi there, Mark Cuban, thanks for reading again today), has yet to deal with an allegation of workplace harassment involving social media. Why, just yesterday, I read about an employee who lost his job for going on Facebook and calling a woman — albeit not a female co-worker — a “slut.”

But, how many of us have explored ways that our employees can use social media to address concerns about workplace harassment?

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